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Our core focus is to construct tailor made strategies and solutions based on your individual needs and circumstances to ensure they meet your needs and enhance your life.  Independent financial advice can bring clarity and help you make better informed decisions.

Gavin Park | Independent Financial Adviser

Gavin Park

Gavin Park is an independent financial adviser at Premier Financial Planning Ltd’s Warminster and Salisbury division dedicated to servicing and educating those coming up to and in retirement. Since 1997, Gavin has helped hundreds of individuals and families to invest their money wisely and achieve their ideal retirement. He works personally with clients to help them understand their options and construct strategies and solutions tailor-made for their circumstances. Gavin accomplishes this through retirement planning, investment management, tax planning and wealth preservation.

Gavin’s aim is to build long lasting relationships with each person he takes on as a client, treating each person with equal importance and committing to seeing them on a regular basis to ensure he is providing as much value he can. His open-mindedness and easy personality helps him to relate with people from all walks of life.

Gavin lives between Warminster and Salisbury with his partner Emma and his two children Alex and Noah. Outside of work he loves to keep fit mountain biking and as an instructor of a martial arts school as the many duties being a dad requires!

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How can we help you?

Some of the core objectives many people have with their capital are:

To get a decent return on the money
To preserve their capital
To avoid paying tax
To grow the money in real terms ahead of inflation

We use our professional experience and expertise to show you ways that can increase the returns on your savings and investments, with the aim of getting a real (above inflation) return.

We advise you to identify the investment options that are right for you, helping to match your specific set of objectives and circumstances to make the most from your capital.

We talk with you and understand what types of risks you are and are not happy with to ensure that any investment is suitable and you.

It is time to do something with your pension and with pensions now more flexible and accessible than ever before, there are far more retirement options to choose from. We will help you to understand these options and which option is right for you. We run independent comparisons against your existing pensions, using the whole market, to help you get the very highest level of income from your pension, ensuring you have the most comfortable retirement possible.

We take into account factors such as what income you need and how that will change in the future, the need to pass your pension onto your spouse and loved ones, the need to access capital lump sums from your pension and how to protect your pension against inflation.

It can be hard to think as far forward as retirement, however in a blink of an eye it will be fast approaching and if you haven’t made pension provisions for this it can mean that your standard of living will drop significantly, or you will have to continue to work until a much older age.

With the state pension now at an older age and with the likelihood of this increasing to an even older age in the future, personal pensions are becoming even more important.

The sooner you start a pension the easier it is. We will advise you and help you understand which pension is right for you and how that pension should be invested to give you the best return. We will show you what level of income this could provide in retirement and what level of contribution you should make to obtain a certain goal.

Buying a house can be a complicated and drawn-out process. This is not helped by the fact that the mortgage can be complicated and with mortgage lenders all having different criteria (which means where one would say no, another could say yes!). We use our independent research software and industry experience to advise you to the very lowest mortgage deal so that you are applying for the mortgage that is right for your specific set of circumstances.

Whether you are a first time buyer, moving house or re-mortgaging, our aim is to save you time, stress and money.

No one likes to think about dying…....

However it is a fact of life and it will come to us all in the end. We want to make sure that if something should happen to you, the ones you leave behind are financially protected. Our aim, using our independent research tools, is to find you the right cover and the lowest possible price to ensure you are covered properly.




Gavin has been the person I turn to for financial advice for over 7 years now. I am somebody who does not understand the financial market well enough to make my own wise decisions without professional help, therefore I have always trusted Gavin to guide me. At times the decision making process on investments have not been easy but Gavin was there to give me all of the advice, clarifications, in depth information and analysis that I needed. I will certainly continue to turn to him for financial advice in the future and have recommend him to friends and family."

Mrs A Scott

Gavin was very friendly and professional. I have been very impressed with how he has helped me with my financial planning. I would definitely recommend him to other people. In fact I already have.”

Mr Thorne

The transition from wage to pension is a daunting prospect.  The option of ‘which type’, annuity/drawdown only adds to the confusion.  Gavin at Premier Financial Planning Ltd will advise and explain your options in a calm, jargon free manner to aid you in achieving your aims for retirement.”

Mr Potter

Myself and my husband have been using Gavin at Premier Financial Planning for 10 years now and have always felt safe in the knowledge that Gavin will always do his utmost to help with whatever situation we're dealing with. Gavin always seems to have his finger on the financial pulse, and takes away all the stress and worry of every change we've gone through. It really feels like he's holding your hand and guiding you through every step, clearly explaining all the jargon as he goes. Highly recommended.

Mrs C Zentveld